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Cosmette Skincare was created in Nova Scotia by our three visionary founders who possess a deep appreciation for beauty and a shared commitment to honoring the transformative experience of womanhood. Our brand is rooted in fostering a community that embraces the fearless, untamed spirit of women and celebrating their innate beauty. We believe that our skincare should mirror and uplift this extraordinary journey. Our mission is to craft products that nourish your skin on a profound level, while simultaneously awakening your senses through our delicate yet highly potent formulas. 

Cosmette originated in a coastal studio in Nova Scotia, Canada, surrounded by lush forests and the deep blue sea. The enchanting surroundings served as inspiration for our products, which harness the potent power of botanicals from the earth. Our aim is to create skincare rituals that not only nourish your skin but also uplift your spirit through sensory experiences.

Conceived by our visionary founder, Meghan, Cosmette was born out of a desire to blend the magical wonder of childhood in nature with the celebration of our inner beauty, which knows no bounds. We weave these elements together to create spells of deep nourishment and radiant beauty. What began as a humble presence in local farmers markets has now evolved into a global brand offering a range of potent formulas that honor the essence of timeless beauty.

Our North Star

Every idea at Cosmette Skincare starts with one question: How do we want it to feel?

From there, we let our  imagination and creativity run wild. Intentionally handcrafting the formulations until we find that perfect alchemy between the feeling and experience paired with the results expected from skincare today.

Our Ingredients

Cosmette Skincare is on a mission to create skincare to elevate mundane daily beauty routines into conscious, powerfully charged, rituals. Our formulas are guided by potent ingredients from nature and supported with clean clinical alternatives such as AHA's, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C. All our formulas are tested for efficacy, dermatologist approved and Leaping Bunny certified. Touch, see, smell, feel the magic of Cosmette.

  • Whimsical 

    Roll in the grass, make a fairy house, wish upon a star, we are a world of playful wonder.

  • Romantic 

    Send yourself flowers, put on the dress and lay in bed with champagne, read yourself poetry by the fire, romance isn’t dead.

  • Sensual

    We want your senses to come alive and your inner sensuality to emerge.

  • Raw

    You are delicate, powerful, wise and wild. You are everything.

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  • Clean Beauty

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Derm Tested

  • Sustainable

  • Cruelty Free

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  • Paraben Free

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