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Dive into a world where your senses come alive. Deeply nourish your skin with botanically crafted formulas inspired by the untamed spirit of women.

  • Whimsical 

    Roll in the grass, make a fairy house, wish upon a star, we are a world of playful wonder.

  • Romantic 

    Send yourself flowers, put on the dress and lay in bed with champagne, read yourself poetry by the fire, romance isn’t dead.

  • Sensual

    We want your senses to come alive and your inner sensuality to emerge.

  • Raw

    You are delicate, powerful, wise and wild. You are everything.

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/ käz-met /

A made up word to describe that certain je ne sais quoi a woman possesses when she is empowered, embodied and in tune with herself and the infinite wisdom of the cosmos.