Welcome to Cosmette

Welcome to Cosmette

Her beauty was wild. An art that started in her heart and moved through her body-the unwavering mission of self love and acceptance. 

The romance began with a desire to bring an enchantment to inner beauty while accepting the rawness of being human. Through petals and potions Cosmette Skincare emerged.

“Creating my products is a winding path of creativity and imagination. Some kind of alchemy stirs within me as I let myself get lost in the dream”Meghan MacGregor, Founder 

Herbs, rich golden oils, and crushed flower petals are just some of the ingredients that are involved in these recipes for products that will be perfectly in tune with your skin for deep nourishment and a radiance that will glow from deep within you. Redefining beauty routines into a romantic art of conscious rituals. 

Come dream with us and partake in the love story between you and your skin.

Welcome to Cosmette✨

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