Weeding the Myths Of Facial Oils

Weeding the Myths Of Facial Oils

Face oils are emerging through the weeds of the myths and doubts surrounding them. Thanks to the rising knowledge of clean plant ingredients and beauty companies reaping their benefits we are seeing a surge of facial oils being used in skincare today. That being said, there have been long standing judgments about facial oils and how they coincide with your skin. Let’s weed the garden of misconceptions and myths surrounding facial oils. 

Myth #1: Face oil clogs your pores.

This is a frequent misconception about face oil and one of which you have probably heard someone tell you at some point in your life. Like all of the best things for your body, things from the natural world harmonize best. Your skin has glands that secrete oil called sebums. When you produce too much of these or have products that are comedogenic (pore-clogging) this is what would cause clogging and a buildup of sebum resulting in breakouts.

To bring perfect harmony to your delicate facial skin looking to products that are from naturally derived botanicals would bring just that. While reducing inflammation and bringing about antibacterial properties.

Myth #2: Using oil on your skin is a new trend.

Rich natural oils like almond, castor and moringa- all potent in antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids all help to plump the skin while soothing inflammation. Helping to reduce scarring and fine lines. The use of these oils in cosmetics dates all the way back to ancient Egypt where Cleopatra would bathe in milk and honey and then soothe her skin with oils like castor, jojoba, etc…to soothe and soften the skin, to soften fine lines and preserve her youth. 

Myth #3: Face oils don't have anti-aging properties.

Clean botanical oils can smooth out the appearance of fine lines and hinder the appearance of dark spots by hydrating the skin and pumping it with fatty acids to help lock in moisture (bonus points if you use an organic moisturizer to seal the deal). The production of collagen and elastin is also increased with the use of clean oils. Oils enhance the beautiful journey of time by softening the experience seen in our skin and giving you a rich golden finish, no matter what stage of life you’re in.

Myth #4: People with oily skin shouldn't use facial oil.

One of the biggest myths about using facial oil is the fear of adding more oil to already oily or blemish-prone skin leading to bigger build ups and breakouts. Though it may seem contradictory, incorporating natural oils into your skincare regimen will actually have positive effects on naturally oily skin. By adding facial oil with a low comedogenic rating (like rosehip) it will help your skin regulate natural oil production resulting in less unwanted shine and breakouts and a more balanced appearance. 

Myth #5: You don't need a moisturizer in your skincare routine if you have facial oil.

After using a facial oil it may seem like your skin is ready to go for the day as it has that perfect glow, but it’s always good to consider incorporating a moisturizer after using oils. 

While not always necessary, using a moisturizer after oils can have great benefits. Oils provide much needed balancing hydration and locking that in with a moisturizer will allow all the benefits from the oils to really take effect. Adding a moisturizer also softens the skin at the surface and can help protect from UV rays. The cherry on top is when a moisturizer adds additional benefits, like our Timeless Hydration. Always keep in mind, you know your skin best. It’s up to you, your skin type, and what your skin is needing at that moment. Be intuitive with your skin and get to know it. That’s when you will find perfect harmony. 

Hydrating and penetrating the skin deeply, leaving you with a dewy, angelic, golden glow. Facial oils are top tier agents in the skin care world today and have been since ancient goddesses roamed the earth. Derived from the natural world they carry antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins to your skin to help regenerate, soften and plump. For bright healthy skin facial oils are the way to go and can easily be incorporated into your skincare ritual by finding one that is suitable for you and your skin type.

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