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Origins of Oils: Cleopatra

Known for her mesmerizing beauty and deep allure as the last pharaoh of Egypt. Cleopatra was deeply rooted in her beauty rituals. With the use of the nature around her she found ways to enhance and preserve her beauty making her known to all of Egypt, and even the rest of the world, for her undying charm, making her irresistible to anyone in her path. Her glamorous regimen definitely went down in history and is even incorporated in skincare, beauty products and routines today…Thank you Cleopatra.

Cleopatra used many methods involved in her ancient beauteous crafts including milk baths from donkey milk, royal jelly, Dead Sea salts, and essential oils. Oh, and let’s not forget the kohl she used as a makeup around her eyes to not only magnify her eyes but to also protect them from the sun.

Among her lavish beauty elixirs, essential oils played a big role in her complexion, health and longevity. 

Moringa oil was a tool she used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smooth the skin and give it an everlasting glow. It has high concentrations of vitamin C and E which help the smoothing process, as well as brightening dark spots. These antioxidants are a huge fighter of free radicals that are damaging the skin and causing irritation and untimely aging.  Moringa oil also contains fatty acids, one which is worth noting is Mooring. It's high in oleic acid perfect for more mature skin as it acts as a barrier allowing for herbage penetration deep into the skin.

Another oil that was used by Cleopatra herself was a light yellow cold pressed oil extracted from castor beans. It’s truly a multifaceted powerhouse oil. It is a crucial ingredient in one’s dwelling for its not only beauty capabilities but pharmaceutical as well. That being said, Cleopatra used castor oil to thicken her hair and make it shiny, to brighten the whites of her eyes, and to make soaps out of this entrancing magical oil. 

Castor oil is extremely moisturizing, widely known for its benefits to the hair and skin. This is attributed to the fact that it is high in fatty acids ( ricinoleic, oleic, linoleum). Ricinoleic acid being one of the highest percentage of this makeup is a huge reason why castor oil can penetrate so deeply into the skin because of the long carbon chain it has in its chemical composition, and the fact that it's a humectant which means it can bring water from the air to the skin surface. This will allow for intense hydration, skin luster and sheen.

Castor oil is a star ingredient in our Dreamy Oil Detox, which gently purifies and protects the skin all while hydrating and leaving you with a dreamy glowy hue.

Dreamy Oil Detox

If you’re looking for a lasting skin glow, hydration, and soothing and protecting properties… castor oil has got you! Especially on sensitive skin types as it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, it's straight from the source! Although it is recommended as with any new product to spot test before usage just to make sure it is compatible with your skin.

Though Cleopatra was notorious for her seductive and glamorous charm that stemmed from her passionate beauty secrets that she gathered from the land around her, a lot of the success of her enchantress ways were found in not the botanical ingredients around her but the way in which she executed them. Rituals if you will. From her rich milk baths with herbs and essential oils, to her clay face masks she really took the time to understand and use the gifts of mother nature around her. Taking the time to enjoy and take care of herself and bask in the steps in each ritual of beauty, all complementing each other so perfectly to achieve optimal benefits.

So, self love is the real star here. Adopt a ritual that makes you feel good and take a minute and embrace the sensual women you are…. like Cleopatra would!

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