Meet Our Products

Meet Our Products

We Are Cosmette. Cosmette Skincare is a line of botanically-charged skincare rituals designed to elevate mundane daily beauty routines by activating the senses to soothe and nourish the skin. Touch, see, smell, and feel the magic of Cosmette.

As your senses come to life you may start to wonder: How does Cosmette take you and your skin to a timeless bond of harmony and beauty.

We are launching with three products which can be used alone or all together, however you wish. Dermatologist tested and leaping bunny certified you can count on us for skin that is cared for and thought about. 

Dreamy Oil Detox is our deep pore penetrating oil cleanser. Perfect for melting away makeup or cleaning and prepping your skin for your following rituals. Whether that is toners, serums, oils and moisturizers; this will have your skin feeling polished yet so hydrated.

Ingredient Spotlight: Our Dreamy Oil Detox contains Jojoba Oil, an all natural super ingredient that derives from the jojoba shrub. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It smooths the skin by promoting collagen synthesis, it is also the closest oil to the skin's actual sebum. 

Ritual: Put on your favorite song or close your eyes and slip into a dreamy state as you pump out our detox oil into your hand. Gently massage onto your face and neck in soft circular motions. Then take a warm cloth and gently remove or simply leave on and let oil penetrate even deeper.

Rose Garden Renewal is a repairing and smoothing facial oil although it can be used wherever you want to smooth and soften. Whether that is your lips or your cuticles. Come dance in the rose garden and let your skin feel renewed in an ancient bond of beauty for skin that is radiant.

Ingredient Spotlight: Sunflower Oil is one of the ingredients that helps make up our Rose Garden Renewal. Sunflower Oil contains linoleic acid which aids in keeping your skin moisturized while also removing dead skin cells. This detoxifies your pores leaving your skin looking refreshed!

Ritual: Press two to three drops into your hand and gently press into damp skin. Let the ancient magic of the rose bring you closer to the love and beauty that is you and your skin. 

Timeless Hydration is our moisturizer for the skin that fits your needs. Use morning or night, under makeup or before bed for an infinite amount of moisture.

Ingredient Spotlight: To keep your skin feeling timeless, our moisturizer has Meadowfoam Seed Oil; this is derived from the seeds of the flowering meadowfoam plant which softly penetrates your skin. With high levels of vitamin C and E this will help your skin feel rejuvenated, youthful. All while protecting your skin and not clogging your pores.

Ritual: Open our jar full of life and dip your finger into our Timeless Hydration. Let the aromatherapy tingle your nose as you glide this product onto your skin. This can be paired with other products and active ingredients.



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