Founder Q & A

Founder Q & A

We sat down with our founder, Meghan, to learn more about why skincare is so important to her and what she loves about each of our formulations.

Question: When and why did skincare become a passion of yours?

MM: I couldn’t really say when skincare became a passion for me because for as long as I can remember I was fascinated by using natural products on my skin. I have always been drawn to the experience of making my own formulas as masks or hair treatments – I think ultimately, I liked the experience of connecting to nature.

Question: Why did you start Cosmette Skincare?

MM: I started Cosmette Skincare in a very organic fluid path and it has transformed and grown along with me. As someone who loves skincare, I was disillusioned by the choices I was given as a woman, especially as a middle aged woman – even within the clean skincare movement everything seemed to be about fixing, anti-aging, erasing wrinkles, and changing yourself to fit a mold that didn’t seem to resonate with me.

I wanted Cosmette to combine beautiful vintage inspired packaging that was aesthically pleasing and unabashedly feminine with the best ingredients that nurture the skin to its own version of heath with messaging that inspired and elevated the great privilege aging is. I wanted Cosmette to create rituals for women to experience daily, not just on special occasions. I wanted Cosmette to celebrate the connection to nature and the cosmos. I wanted to honor the women and rituals before us and I wanted women to experience beauty daily.

Question: Tell us a little about each product and what you love most about it.

Dreamy Oil Detox

MM: The Dreamy Detox Oil transcends cleansing the skin into a transformative ritual celebrating the senses. Inspired by Ayurveda modalities, oil cleansing is an ancient powerful way to cleanse the complexion. An alchemy of powerhouse oils of Jojoba, vitamin C rich Pumpkin and sebum clearing Castor oil clear pores of dirt and bacteria, impart antioxidants all without harming your skin’s natural beautiful barrier. Essential oils act to uplift the spirit, brighten and protect the skin. By applying to dry skin and massaging the oil in, the oils break down dirt, makeup and residue in the pores replacing them with skin loving healing ingredients. A hot cloth applied on top after cleansing elevates the scent, increases blood circulation and further breaks down impurities. Your skin is left so baby soft, radiant and with a feeling of freshness. A secret weapon ritual for acne prone skin as well.

Rose Garden Renewal

MM: Inspired by a blooming summer garden. The heady ripeness of summer’s fleeting season. The velvet lushness of a rose petal against your skin. Summer rain catching upon a petal. All skin types revel in these rich golden oils that help brighten skin, remove old skin cells, promote collagen and even out the complexion. Emotionally the rose evokes a feeling self-love and gentle peace. Skin is velvet soft with a soft rosy glow and delicately nourished. So great for delicate goddesses, wise women and sensitive souls.

Timeless Hydration

MM: This moisturizer is a labor of love. This cream took quite a while for us to perfect. We needed to create a cream that was unique, effective, combined the array of nature led ingredients with modern modalities but still had that Cosmette touch. The Timeless Hydration moisturizer is velvety soft and acts by deeply hydrating the skin, helping to even pigmentation, supporting cell regeneration and collagen production and softening lines of wisdom. The experience feels decadent and your skin feels fed, looks radiant, plump and nourished.

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