Dry Oil Cleansing with the Dreamy Oil Detox

Dry Oil Cleansing with the Dreamy Oil Detox

Before modern harsh cleansers, women actually used magical golden oils to cleanse and nourish their skin. It is said in the tombs of Cleopatra cleansers of oils and lime were found beside her to keep her skin radiant and glowing into the afterlife.

This ancient ritual practice uses the chemical notion of "like dissolves like", meaning the oils that live naturally on your skin’s canvas can be dissolved by another similar oil. By massaging your oil cleanser onto dry skin, you can begin to break down and dissolve the dirt, grime, makeup and bad bacteria while replacing it with healthy skin loving beneficial oils that nurture and feed the complexion. All without damaging the protective natural skin barrier.  

Our Dreamy Oil Detox is a gentle and powerful ritual that all skin types can benefit from. Over time skin begins to balance its own sebum production and our oil cleanser can be transformative for acne prone skin, helping remove blackheads and minimize future breakouts. For drier skin types, the oil cleanser helps to remove dead skin cells, encourages more moisture and supports a protective barrier. A two-week reset of only cleansing with the Dreamy Oil Detox Cleanser can help to bring the skin to its most healthy self.

When applying the Dreamy Oil Detox, take the time to work the oil cleanser onto dry skin for up to several minutes, remembering the delicate décolletage and ears. Use a soft facecloth drenched in steamy water and lay over the skin, allowing a brief steaming effect, then gently stroke away that dirt, pollution and makeup, repeating as necessary. Skin and soul are transformed as you connect with the goddess spirits of the past. A few drops of the Rose Garden Oil worked onto damp skin only adds more nourishment and radiance. 

The senses are delighted by this slow skincare ritual – the oil warmed in your palms then deliciously massaged onto the face and neck, the blood circulation that starts to flow as you take minutes to work into the skin, the natural skin infusing essential oils that come to life under a hot steaming cloth, the heat itself that soothes and softens, the reveal of your rosy, radiant skin that feels soft to the touch, nourished and deeply cleansed. 

Transforming the mundane into magical with the Dreamy Oil Detox

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