Cycles, Stages & Renewals: A peek inside what inspired Rose Garden Renewal

Cycles, Stages & Renewals: A peek inside what inspired Rose Garden Renewal

Roses, long revered for their delicate beauty, lush velvet soft petals and alluring sensual fragrance. Symbolic of romance, passion and love; in ancient mythology it was said that Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love had roses bloom wherever she walked, so great was her beauty.  

Roses grow in cycles from the seedling to the blooming flower to the end stage, the Rosehip.  All necessary and lovely in their own unique way. The Rose Garden Renewal facial oil was inspired by the connection of the fabled rose to the captivating essence of a woman.

Not only does the rose evoke folklore and mythology but so too does the energy and spirit of a woman. The Triple Goddess was a deity revered in many spiritualities and stories as far back as the Greeks. The Triple Goddess represents the 3 stages of womanhood united into one all powerful being. The Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. All unique, all beautiful and all necessary.

The Maiden with her wide eyed innocence, whimsy and playfulness – still developing, growing and becoming herself connects us to the budding rose on the bush gently swaying under the enchanting waxing moon.

The Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess is a woman in full. She is fruitful and ripe, birthing children or ideas, she is power, a protectress in bloom – much like the full petaled rose blooming and fragrant under a star glazed full moon in spring.

The Crone marks the last of the Triple Goddess trinity – the wise one, the seer, she is the dark night sky, the still water, the cool winter’s breeze.  Is a dried rose with her delicately curled petals preserved in a special glass vessel any less beautiful than the bud on the branch?  She is timeless, immortal, unwavering – she is everlasting love. She is the Crone who gently takes the hand of the Maiden showing her the way down a verdant garden path lined with hued buds, flowers and dried rosehips and feeds her honey and bread under the dark of the cool night sky.

Nourish your spirit with the energy and wisdom of the Rose Garden Renewal tonight as you embody the loveliness of the rose.

Here’s a blush rose, 
with raspberry scent.
Here’s a pink,
come taste the edge.
And here, my dear,
upon the stair,
is simply the hip
of a white-blue rose
I’ve carried up
to bed.
—L.L. Barkat, from Love, Etc.
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